About pure water cleaning

Normal tap water contains a number of dissolved minerals, typically calcium and magnesium, which when used to clean windows will leave a residue on the glass. Pure water does not contain any impurities but is always trying to return to its natural impure state so when applied to your windows, it attracts dirt like a magnet!

Our water purifying equipment uses a process known as reverse osmosis to filter tap water extensively until all of the impurities that leave those unsightly spots and smears on your windows, have been removed, leaving de-ionised ultra pure water. Pure water is stored in our van ready for use.

Traditional window cleaning methods involve the use of detergents and tend to leave a sticky residue on the glass that actually attracts dirt. With pure water cleaning, no detergent is used, so no deposit is left behind to attract dirt. This means your windows actually stay cleaner for longer. Pure water is actually a very effective cleaning agent and dries naturally to a sparkling clean finish. No spots. No smears. No marks.

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